Call Us Today Ready to schedule an appointment? Give us a call for fill out our simple online form to request your visit today! Chiropractic Treatment Providing Pain Relief, Massage, and Long-Term Rehabilitation Treatment Physiotherapy Treatment Our team at Whitby Mall Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Center can adeptly and precisely treat your ailments. Massage Therapy Our team works to teach your body to work in unison again, providing pain relief, stress management, and injury prevention. Got Feet Pain If you have problems walking due to pain or deformities in your legs and feet, there are options available to you to correct that.

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Ready to schedule an appointment? Give us a call for fill out our simple online form to request your visit today!


Health Care Services

We offer a range of services, from chiropractic to pelvic floor physiotherapy, designed to keep you at optimum health.

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Whitby Mall Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Center

Prestigious Health Care Center for Injury Relief, Management, & Prevention

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For more than 15 years, our experienced health care providers at Whitby Mall Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Care Center have provided quality health care services.


Our dedicated staff can assist with treating a variety of conditions, such as, chronic ailments, spinal misalignments, shoulder pain, sciatica pain, and more. Some of our most popular treatments include chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massages, which can alleviate a wide variety of conditions. To schedule an appointment, please call (905) 579-9200.

Effective Treatment Options for Long-Term Results

At our health care center, we not only treat your current ailments, but we also provide you with long term solutions for your most troublesome symptoms. From at-home strengthening exercises to promote a stronger core to more advanced stretching techniques to improve posture, and spine neck pain, our dedicated experts can provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to improve your overall wellbeing and quality of life. The stronger you are today, the less likely you are to get injured tomorrow.

Whole-Body Healing Through Customized Treatment Plans

We believe each body system is connected; if you have a misaligned disc in your back, it can be linked to digestive issues. For this reason, our Whitby Physiotherapists work closely with GPs and other health clinicians to not only address your back pain, but to offer you the unique opportunity for customized nutritional plans and treatments. Ask about our Ideal Protein nutritional counseling at your visit. We also accept most major insurance plans and offer various financing options in the event that your insurance does not provide adequate coverage.

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At Whitby Mall Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Center, we serve the Durham region with trusted chiropractic care and physiotherapy services.